Telehealth uses digital technology that’s readily available on your computer or phone to receive treatment from our Physiotherapists.  We use a secure network which meets Australian privacy standards. Research has found Physiotherapy Telehealth  to be safe and effective.

Our Physiotherapists are able to  assess, diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions online.  To diagnose your condition,  your Physiotherapist will ask a series of thorough questions then  guide you through a safe set of movements and tests. Your Physiotherapist will then educate you with regards to your diagnosis plus provide advice on managing your condition independently . As an example, this advice will likely include information on pain relief, control of inflammation, avoidance of aggravating activities, graduated return to exercise/activity, postural correction,  treatment techniques you can try on yourself plus a graded individualised home exercise/rehabilitative program.


  • You will receive an email with a link to access your online appointment. The link to your Telehealth appointment will begin working 10 minutes prior to the start of your appointment. Just wait until then and you’ll be able to join!
  • After you click on the link please press the Connect to the call button!
  • You will then see a prompt from your browser asking if you will allow Cliniko to access your microphone and camera. You will need to allow this, otherwise your practitioner won’t be able to see or hear you: If your practitioner is not yet there, you’ll see a screen that says ‘Waiting for [practitioner’s name] to join the call’. Once they arrive, you’ll see the video of them in the big screen and you’ll be in the little screen in the lower corner:


  • CHECK YOUR WEB BROWSER IS UP TO DATE- If using your computer, supported browsers include recent versions of Chrome and Firefox and Safari 12 or higher.
  • PHONE – You can also use your iPhone or Android device to join your Telehealth appointment.☝️Note: If you’re on an iPhone, Safari is the only browser that will work. Chrome or Firefox on your iPhone will not work for Telehealth appointments.
  • AUDIO AND VISUAL. Please make sure your computer or phone camera is set in a steady location to capture you on screen and that the volume setting on your computer/phone is switched to maximum.
  • ENVIRONMENT – please make sure your surrounding floorspace is free of any objects/hazards so that you can stand up and move as needed.
  • CONTACT DETAILS – please have your phone on hand incase we need to call you to fix any technical difficulties.

We look forward to connecting with you online and helping you to manage your condition/injury.

If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to email us at or call the clinic on 9773 1100.

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