What an end to 2019 we’re having- after an unseasonably high average spring rainfall, now there’s snow on the mountains in December! Time to pack away that shiny new kayak and get the snowboard back out,…. Buller here I come! Weather aside, as the year rolls deeper into December, Christmas will soon be upon us. Between all the overcooked sausages, mountains of Cadbury favourites and luke warm salads, we have the dreaded socks and jocks from Mum to deal with (to be fair, I’ve been holding out since early October). Accompanying the smorgasbord of festivities, come the morning of Wednesday the 25th, quite literally tens of thousands of new pairs of shoes will take their first brave step into the new world.

Below are a few tips and tricks when both purchasing and ‘wearing in’ said new presents.

1. Make sure you check the size of the shoe- US, Euro or UK? An 8.5 in UK, is a 9 in US, is a 42 in Euro. Getting the correct shoe size is essential – you can’t always wear super thick socks!

2. Keep a gift receipt – you don’t want your recipient to get sore feet as a manner of being polite- allow them to take it back and swap it for the correct size.

3. Particularly when dealing with runners, have a chat to the local shoe salesman (or better yet your local physio or podiatrist) and make sure the new shoes you are buying a reflective of the existing shoes – think medial post (arch of foot), heel lift (back of foot) and width to name a few – you don’t want to change too much too quickly! Often people make the mistake of going from super supportive shoes to fashionable shoes with minimal support or vice versa. Sudden change can create issues.

4. Remember price does not always reflect quality! Quick tests for runners/walking shoes include:

# Bend the toes back towards the heel. The shoe ideally bends at the level of the start of your toes
# Twist the front and back of the shoes in opposite directions. There should be minimal movement though the midline of the shoe
# Squeeze the back heel area of the shoe. It should be firm, not collapsing inwards.


Wearing the new shoes in:
Your new shoes will naturally feel different – maybe better, maybe not so much initially (as long as they are still correct for your foot this won’t be an issue long term). Below are some tips to ween the ‘wearing in’ process.

1. Start off wearing them around the house for approximately half the time that you would wear your old shoes i.e. a 50/50 split. If you know you’re going to go on a particularly long walk, then I’d hold off in the first week or so – the muscles in your foot will take a little bit to adjust so best not to stress them too much whilst under fatigue early on.

2. Don’t immediately throw out the old shoes! Keep them around in case the new ones are not the correct fit. If you’re having a day where your feet just ‘aren’t feeling up to it’, then slipping back into the old comfy ones isn’t a bad way to go, but be mindful that you are trying to ween to the new pair!

Follow the above tips, and you’ll be flying around in your new shoes in no time!

If you have any issues or concerns relating to foot pain or footwear, please don’t hesitate to come down and say “Hi” to us at Select Physiotherapy and Pilates.

To all of our clients and followers, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year!




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