A return to outdoor activity – 3 tips to keep you injury free over summer!

By Daniel Browne

Senior Physiotherapist


You will hear different schools of thought ranging from static stretching all the way to a more dynamic warm up and perhaps even no warm up at all! Ultimately you need to figure out what’s best for you – more often than not, what we recommend is that when in doubt begin by completing the movements that you will be about to do but at a much lower intensity to prepare your body for a more intense effort. For example, if you were to play football, then you would have a ‘kick to kick’, tennis – a light hit, and basketball – you could do some light shooting.


A simple and effective strategy for not only keeping you out on the court/pitch longer but also significantly reducing your risk of injury related to cramping and fatigue. Moving into the warmer weather you want to assure that you are firstly drinking that little bit more due to the hotter days, but then also acknowledge that your body is perhaps not up to the same vigour of exercise as last time you hit/kick. Sipping water throughout the session rather than waiting until you are dying for a gulp is generally a better strategy. Likewise, having a glass of water before you head off can be a nice way to increase your chances of being adequately hydrated.


I think it’s fair to say we perhaps have all had an extended ‘off season’. The first session back is always going to be a little rough! As a general rule, you want to walk about from the exercise effort thinking “I could have done a little more’ rather than “I did too much!!”. Not only will this allow you to then turn up again shortly for another round of your desired activity, but it will be more likely to facilitate the building of an exercise routine – which as we know, will have many long-lasting positive health benefits.

The above advice is general in nature and if you have any more specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Select Physiotherapy and Pilates.


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